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Dpegujarat.in | Online Badli Camp 2023 | Gujarat Primary Teacher Badli Camp 2023.


The four-year, full-time undergraduate program at Harvard actually makes up a minority of enrolments at the university.  Since 2008, undergraduates have completed courses in eight general categories outside their chosen concentration or major. These eight categories are: Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding, Culture and Belief, Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning, Ethical Reasoning, Science of Living Systems, Science of the Physical Universe, Societies of the World, and United States in the World. Harvard offers 49 concentrations, many of which are interdisciplinary, and there is no predetermined curriculum: students have the flexibility to craft their own in order to meet their own academic goals. 

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Applications can be submitted through the Common Application, Coalition Application, or Universal College Application. No one method of application is given preference by the university. The application includes the form and essay question answers; two teacher evaluations; a secondary school report including transcripts and a mid-year school report; as well as two SAT subject tests and an ACT test or writing component. The application fee is a standard US$75. 

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The annual cost of an undergraduate education at Harvard is US$73,600, inclusive of tuition, fees, room, board, personal expenses, and travel costs. It’s no small outlay, but Harvard University does offer need-based finance planning for families at all income levels, something which is taken up by 70 percent of its students. This can include scholarship funds, jobs on campus or student loans. As a result, 100 percent of students are able to graduate from Harvard debt-free, and 20 percent of students’ families pay nothing.

Returning to the above topic, the transfer rules of Deputy Head/Primary Teacher/Upper Primary Teacher have been published by the resolution of the Education Department dated 11/05/2023. From the referred letter-2, the previously suspended district internal transfer camp has been canceled and the government has instructed to organize the district internal transfer camp afresh. Therefore, all the applications made earlier by the teachers in the District Internal Transfer (Online) Camp from 02/11/2022 to 20/11/2022 are canceled and for the District Internal Transfer Camp (Online) afresh as per the instructions enclosed herewith. Application has to be made. All the teachers have to be informed about it from your level.

Accordingly, your district/town education committee is hereby informed to organize the district internal transfer (online) camp afresh of primary teachers/ teaching assistants on duty as per the time sheet attached herewith.

Accordingly, your district/town education committee is hereby informed to organize the district internal transfer (online) camp afresh of primary teachers/ teaching assistants on duty as per the time sheet attached herewith.

Intra-District Transfer (Online) – First Phase

* Dated 18/05/2023 to 01/06/2023 (preparation for camp planning

• Date 02/06/2023 to 26/06/2023 (Camp planning period

Points to be kept in mind at the time of intra-district transfer:-

1. The District Primary Education Officer/Administrator has to login on www.dpegujarat.in with Default Password and enter the vacancies by changing the password.

2. District Internal (Online) Transfer Camp will be organized from 02/06/2023 to 31/05/2023 as per the notification of the State Government and the vacancies due to retirement will have to be displayed in the District Internal Transfer Camp (Online). After taking into account the details of the teachers who will retire on the semester on 31/05/2023 i.e. as on 01/06/2023 after verifying from your level, the department wise net vacancies will have to be uploaded.

3. While uploading the vacancies, in case the teachers who are not released among the teachers who have been ordered to be allotted school as per option in the district division, the existing school of the teacher has to be shown as vacancy. and the school to which the allotment has been made. That place has to be considered filled.

4. In case of primary teacher/ teaching assistant who has previously been transferred internally or district wise and has not been released due to more than 10 percent vacancy, the post in the original school shall be shown as vacant and the post in the transfer school shall be treated as filled.

5. According to the details of the schools functioning in your district (name of the school, disccode of the school, name of the pay-centre and disccode of the pay-centre) as well as by checking the monthly forms of the school as on April-2023 only the vacancies due to retirement as on 31/05/2023 Note that the net vacancies have to be uploaded on the online portal. I

6. After uploading the vacancies on the online portal, the type or section of the vacancy cannot be changed under any circumstances and if any question arises regarding the change of vacancy, the entire responsibility of the respective District Primary Education Officer/Administrator will be.

7. Due to uploading of wrong school/discode/vacancy by you which arises after selection of school by that Primary Teacher/Teaching Assistant, if any administrative or legal question arises regarding implementation of transfer order, it will be the sole responsibility of the concerned District Primary Education Officer/Administrator.

ખાલી જગ્યાઓનું લીસ્ટ

8. As per the provisions of Chapter-6 Order-13 of General Instructions of the Education Department Reference-1 Resolution Participating in any kind of requisition exchange, the primary teacher/teaching assistant must be of mature age and of sufficient understanding and there is a possibility of injustice to other candidates once the selected school of online requisition. The order cannot be revoked under any circumstances. So the primary teacher/ teaching assistant who really wants to undergo internal transfer has to apply for internal transfer online on the suggested website.

9. If any vacancy in a district is ordered to be kept vacant by the High Court by an interim order pending the final judgment of the case, action shall be taken in accordance with the order of the High Court. So that the question of contempt of the High Court does not arise.

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ઓનલાઇન બદલી નું ફોર્મ ભરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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