Samat Bela a teacher in best painter

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Samat Bela, a teacher who paints plantation life on canvas, is an incredible painter

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How several incredible arts have been brought out by Sama Bela, a painter helping as a teacher in a minor town in Kalyanpur taluka in Dwarka district. The revenue from these arts is utilized for the tuition of learners and poor kids. His arts are well understood all over the nation and abroad.

Samatbhai Bella, a grower teacher from Jam Kalyanpur in Devbhumi Dwarka district, has earned a phrase for himself in the nation of portrait in an extremely quick period.

Samat Bella giving rise to a term for himself in the art world::

પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકોને ઝટકો: આંતરજીલ્લા બદલીની નીતિને હાઈકોર્ટની બહાલી

Samatbhai did not inherit the art of painting and had no relationship with any of the enormous painters in the nation where he was discerned. Just so, his intention to remember painting led him m to come to be an accomplished artist. Voluntary paintings have crossed the perimeters of the country today.

Samatbhai draws his resemblance on canvas through oil. Resemblances that are needed at first glance seem to be just now spoken, also called a living resemblance style. He is currently helping on two picture series. In which one is "Rangdhara of Saurashtra" and the other is "Krishnamay". Both of their sequel are very outstanding.

Rangdhara of Saurashtra is a series established on the pastoral life of Saurashtra country of Gujarat. Made the rural folk life of Gujarat a center of attraction all over the nation through a painting. The resemblances of old people, children, women and creatures seen in his paintings are full of rate.

Samatbhai travels to many inland towns of Saurashtra to establish the Rangdhara series of Saurashtra. He has accomplished a grand job of painting a picture of the people living in many diverse areas like Gir wildernesses, Barda Dungar, dry areas of Okha. Samatbhai considers it his art responsibility to mail the unique folk life of Gujarat to the fore of the world when it is chancing against the geographical conditions.

In the Krishnamaya sequel, Samatbhai has created similarities revealing the prices of how species live in Krishnamaya. Samatbhai's portraits certainly show that he is a deep Krishna lover. His admiration to Krishna is evident in his paintings. And each resemblance is not only beautiful but also expressive.

Today Krishnamaya's paintings have evolve very outstanding among Indians dwelling abroad.

Just today Samatbhai lives a natural life as an educator in the village.

But affected by his art, species from home and abroad come to fulfill him. Foreigners from nations like Switzerland, Norway, America have come to visit them in a minor village.

So distant, a total of 30 portraits have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

His paintings have been exhibited in most cities of India. These include Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Calcutta, Vadodara, Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Rajkot, Jamnagar. As well as international cities such as Singapore and New York. Samatbhai's collection of paintings is also available in cities like America and London.

Exhibition of paintings to help students

A two-day painting exhibition on 'Forgotten Folk Life' by painters including Samat Bella of Kalyanpur was held at Sorath International School, Vanthali Road, Junagadh.

Along with the picture exhibition here, people will also be able to buy the pictures they like. Any amount received for this will be used behind the students.

You can view painting pdf and news report pdf from here
You can view painting pdf and news report pdf from here

The famous painting style is mainly found in India as follows.

(1) Rajasthan painting style

Meet style
Bundi style
Quota style
Dhundhar style
Marwar style
Bikaner style
Kishangarh style

(2) Mountain style

Bashauli style - Kathua style (Famous in Jammu and Kashmir. Mainly found in pictures of Lord Krishna.)

Style with natural pictures
Guler style
Kangra style
Kullumandi style
(2) Madhub's technique

This style is outstanding coloring style of Bihar. Mainly found in Darbhanga extensions of Bihar.Some areas of this style are also found in Nepal.

Special: Religious, gods and goddesses, sun, moon, tulsi, tree, plant pictures are found.
The eyes are big, and nowhere in the picture is there empty space.
Upper class - colorful painting, more than 3 colors
Lower class - red and black - 2 colors


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