By eating this fruit which is available once in a year, you will stay healthy throughout the year

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By eating this fruit which is available once in a year, you will stay healthy throughout the year

Today through this article we are going to inform you about one such delicious fruit which you can benefit from eating just one fruit daily during this ongoing period i.e. Aso and Kartak months. If you keep eating this fruit regularly, it is guaranteed that you will not get sick for the whole year. This fruit starts ripening from autumn season.

In Ayurveda, Sharad season is called the queen of diseases, so nature has created a delicious fruit to keep us all healthy during this season. So let us know about the name of that fruit, when Ram and Sita went to the forest, Sita liked the fruit very much and she ate it, so this fruit is known as Sita Phal.

If you go to buy Sitaphal, pay special attention that the eyes of the Sitaphal should be open and pink color can be seen in their cup. During the month of Aso and Kartak, you must eat one Sitaphal, no matter what happens.

Main elements found in sitafal : The main elements found in sitafal are potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. These 4 main elements are found in it and potassium and magnesium are found in it in the highest amount and magnesium also works to strengthen our muscles. does and yet strengthens our heart muscle. The main function of potassium is to control the pumping of our heart ie high BP.

Cures Leahy Deficiency: Eating sita phal is very beneficial for people who are suffering from blood deficiency. This deficiency is especially seen in women. Moreover, if you have blood clots in your body,is

Excellent treatment for obesity::

There are new treatments to reduce obesity, such as diet control, exercise without guidance, etc., but they do not realize that all these actions are harmful to their body. The best treatment for obesity, if any, is bariatric surgery, through which a person loses weight and maintains it for a long time.

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