Navaratri 2022 All In one Information Aarti pooja

વોટ્સએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા ➙

ક્લિક કરો

Navaratri 2022 All In one Information Aarti pooja

Invoking the power element in the universe to the kalash is called Ghat establishment, in which power resides with the trinity.

It is inauspicious for the goddess to ride in a dolly, but at the time of parting, the goddess's vehicle will be an elephant, which is an auspicious sign for the country.

Navratri will have 6 auspicious moments for shopping, starting a new job and investing in real estate

The festival of Shakti Aradhana has started from today, which will end on 15th October, the day of Dussehra. This time Navratri will be only 8 days long due to change of dates. This time from the start of Navratri on Thursday, the Goddess will come sitting in a dolly and the Goddess's vehicle will be an elephant at the time of farewell on the day of Dussehra on Friday.

6 auspicious yogas in Navratri: There will be 5 days of Ravi Yoga in Navratri. There will be an unseen moment of Dussehra. Thus 6 days till 15th October will be very auspicious for every kind of purchase, investment in real estate and start of new work.

Establishment of Kalash: Invocation of the element of power in the universe-

Establishment of Kalash means reduction of Shakti Tattva located in the universe during Navratri i.e. invocation in Kalash. The negative energy of the house is lost due to the power element. At the beginning of the puja on the first day of Navratri, a kalash is installed in the northeast corner by taking a vow for Durga puja.

Why the establishment of Kalash?

1. The kalash installed in Navratri removes the negative energy around.

2. The establishment of Kalash brings peace in the house. Kalash is considered to be the giver of happiness and prosperity.

3. The kalash kept in the house makes the atmosphere devotional. This increases concentration in worship.

4. If there are diseases in the house, kalash helps to remove them.

5. Kalash is also considered to be a form of Lord Ganesha, it removes obstacles in the way of work.

Today will be just 2 auspicious moments for Ghat establishment. This year this is happening due to the ominous yoga called Chitra Nakshatra and Vaidhruti staying all day. According to scholars from Ujjain, Puri, Tirupati, Haridwar and Benaras, it would be auspicious to establish a ghat in Abhijit Muhurat.

7 Establishment of Kalash in Shubh Yoga - Navratri is starting in 7 Shubh Yoga. On this day at sunrise there will be Mahalakshmi, Parvat, Budhaditya, Shankha, Parijat, Bhadra and Kemudrum yoga in Kundli. Due to the beginning of Shakti Parva in this auspicious yoga, happiness, prosperity and upliftment will come from worshiping Goddess.

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