Android 13 and its eight important features

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Android 13 and its eight important features

(1) Completing an excellent platform for gamers: According to various reports received by different organizations in the last two years, we know better that in the last two years, the number of mobile gamers i.e. players playing games through mobiles has increased rapidly across the world including India. has increased and most of those players are Android users, so Android 13 has been given special attention to give gamers a lot of ease and flexibility. A special kind of 'AOSP' codes have been used in Android 13 to enhance the gaming performance of mobile devices. The full name of 'AOSP' is the Android Open Source Project and its main function in Android 13 is to provide gamers with an excellent way to play online games. It is also about perfecting the platform and giving them a user friendly interface so that the gamers can enjoy the virtual world more.

2) Maximum Language Support : Nowadays Android operating system is used in almost all the countries of the world, also there are people who speak different languages ​​and not all Android users are conversant with the English language, therefore, keeping in mind the convenience of the users. So far 58 languages ​​have been included in the operating system by the developer team and more languages ​​may be added in the future, as Android operating system wants to provide the best features to every user, language should never be a barrier. is Moreover, the biggest annoyance in the current and previous Android operating system was that every app had to select a language option to change the language other than English, but looking at the first developer preview of Android 13, it can be definitely said that in Android 13, all the apps available on the user's device from one place. There is an option to change and set the language for

3) Optimize background apps: In Android version 12 we saw how the Android operating system significantly improved battery life by preventing any apps from running in the background and now the same has been improved and updated in Android version 13. Based on various published reports, it can be said that Android version 13 has a special focus on improving the battery life by optimizing the background apps, which will increase the battery life of the mobile, as well as the speed of the mobile, as any apps running in the background will increase the mobile's battery life. Occupies a certain portion of the primary memory, consequently affecting the performance of the mobile device, hence the background apps optimization feature can be very important for Android mobile users in the future.

4) QR Code Scanner: QR codes have grown in importance over the last three to four years, be it for payment, accessing a website or an application, getting a menu on a mobile while visiting a hotel or restaurant, or in a book. As a result, Android developers have also noticed that the importance of QR codes in the world, including India, has increased a lot these days. Looking at the developer preview of Android 13, it can be said that many new updates and features can be seen in the field of QR code in Android 13 and the speed of scanning QR codes can also increase. So since most of the world uses the Google Lens app, the chances of new apps coming in the new update are strong.

(5) Tap to Transfer : If you have used Android Beam then you must know that it was very easy to tap two fans together and transfer data and files from one mobile to another nearby mobile but then Bluetooth and Wi-Fi The technology entered the mobiles as a result of which Android Beam was discontinued, but now there is a strong possibility that it may return in Android 13, even in a better form. According to information received regarding Android 13, Android developers are working on secure short-length data transfer, which will enable mobile devices in close proximity to each other to communicate securely in the near future, and data transfer can be encrypted and faster.
6) Attractive changes in output picker: One of the best features that can come in Android 13 is the attractive changes coming in output picker, which will provide users with a great opportunity to change the output picker. Let's take an example to understand the output picker, suppose you have connected an earphone or any bluetooth device to your fan, but if any user wants to change the audio output only on the mobile speaker then he can do that task by using this output picker feature. As well as being able to do so easily, the media player is also changing, which may include control buttons and better graphics, plus there may be a checkmark on whatever audio device is active, as well as its color will be gray scale as a result. Device users can easily know which device is currently active.

7) Notification Flutter : Android operating system has been better than 'iOS' operating system in terms of managing notifications since the beginning, which is evident from the changes made in the notification flutter in the last three Android versions. Android developers are constantly working on the notification flutter feature. The developer preview of Android 13 also makes it clear that the developers of Android 13 are working on opt-in notifications, which will make it clear which of the apps installed on the mobile should receive notifications and which apps should not interfere with other tasks. To flutter like that, it can come up with fine-tuned configurations.

(8) Restricting Mobile Gallery : As you all know that when certain category of applications are installed in mobile, permissions are taken from users regarding access to gallery, as a result the photos in user's gallery go into public domain mode instead of being private. In Android 13, users will have the option of one more security measure, whereby users will have options if they don't want to allow installed apps to access certain types of photographs or videos, thus keeping users' private details private.
Android 13 and its eight important features

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