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Physics Wallah app serves JEE, NEET, NDA, NCERT & Boards for classes 9 - 12

Hello Baccho! Kaise ho aap log, Badiya ekdum, Badiya!

Aapka apna Physics Wallah App aapko sahayata karega aapki selection me kyuki

Padhlo Chahe Kahi Se, Selection Hoga Yahi Se - Physics Wallah, Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah - Alakh Pandey Sir is on a mission to provide quality education to each individual in India at extremely affordable and nominal fees.This journey started with a dream to join IIT however due to lack of resources, Alakh sir was not able to fulfill his dream.

ગુણોત્સવ 2.0 અંતર્ગત શાળાઓમાં તા 13/08/2022 થી 26/08/2022 દરમિયાન સ્કૂલ એક્રેડીટેશનની કામગીરી હાથ ધરવામાં આવશે

However the streak continued. He started his Youtube channel in 2014 to ensure that he can help each and every child with an aspiration to clear JEE & NEET and join their dream college.🧑‍🎓

Today, with a Youtube family of more than 100 lakh students and power pact teachers, PW has been recognized and accepted in India

PW app can help all baccha with below features

Live lectures: All personalized batches can be streamed live online on app for the batch you’ve selected for yourself

Important Link

Video lectures: All recorded lectures for the batches you’ve selected for yourself

Test series: Mocks and practice tests curated to ensure your understanding about the topic

Lecture wise notes: Read or download or share, your choice, one of our objective is that everyone gets lecture wise notes so that they make the best use of it

Topicwise assignment: Highly academically structured topic wise assignments shared to ensure your practice is never paused

Notifications: Stay updated with important updates and news

Physics Wallah App covers preparation for IIT JEE, NEET, NDA, Boards for grade 9 to 12.

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Download Gunostv Patrak For School

Download Gunotsav 2.0 Suchano : Click Here

💥📢ગુણોત્સવ પરિણામ 202-23 રાજ્યની તમામ શાળાઓમાં તમારી શાળાનો ક્રમ

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