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Video teleconferencing: ‘tele’ means distant and ‘conference’ means conversation. Thus teleconference is the act of communicating with a remote person. Teleconferencing can be done in two ways. (1) Videoconferencing (2) Audioconferencing is a technique that allows people in different parts of the country and around the world to listen to and like each other, i.e. video conferencing can be used to exchange various things. E.g. Internet pages, libraries, bibliographies, documents, software can be exchanged.

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Study experiences can also be provided through teleconference through consultation with a distant person, discussion meeting, consultation etc. The knowledge of an expert can be availed. With the help of a network-connected commuter, students sitting in a classroom can study their subject through a quiz or discussion with a person sitting several kilometers away.
In a video conference, two people or one person can discuss with another meeting. Can see in front. Students can see the expert person in front of the participant in the video conference live on the commuter screen in front of them. The distant person can hear what the students have to say about solving problems, clear innovations in the subject matter, etc.

Students can also see things from a distant person who writes, acts, shows, draws, etc. You may also ask sub-questions during the discussion. Problems can be solved by exchanging ideas through mutual opinions, discussions, etc. Study by video conference – While teaching, the teacher or subject expert introduces the content through video from one of the main places. Students sit in their study centers or study rooms and listen to the teacher or subject matter expert and watch his actions.


Each of these locations is connected to a web cam commuter that connects to that location. The video image of the person can reach different places. Thus everyone can see and hear each other. The student presents his problem when the need arises.

The teacher or subject specialist present at the main center solves the problem. At present the maximum number of video conferencing is increasing day by day. It is used more in public meetings. Video conferencing is evolving due to the development of technology. Hon’ble Narendra Modiji also expresses his thoughts through video conferencing. A large number can take advantage of this.

With the development of technology, the possibilities of using video in telecommunication became innate, while TV Video conferencing is when the feedback of programs broadcast from is in audio format. What is video teleconference?

Video conferencing is a technique that allows people in different locations to listen and watch each other, as well as exchange computer-based Internet pages, libraries, supplements, documents or software. Study by video teleconference – While teaching, the teacher or subject specialist presents the content through video from one place (main center).

Students listen and watch the teacher sitting in their study center or home study room. Each of these webcams is connected to a commuter, through which a person’s video image travels from one place to another, so that everyone can see and hear each other. Students present their problem when needed. The teacher or subject specialist present at the main center solves the problem. Other students involved in video teleconference also participate in this discussion.


In addition, computer documents, software, pictures, music, sound or any other content that can be delivered via the Internet can be delivered to up to fifty people from their own computer. Any student or teacher can save such information on their computer.

Advantages of Video Teleconferencing: Advantages of Video Teleconferencing can be shown as follows: Advantages of Expert: Video teleconferencing is useful when face-to-face visit of a place or person is not possible. The student can benefit from the person. Save time: Video teleconferencing saves time.

There is a simpler and cheaper technique than having to travel to visit a person or a place. More in person contact: Students get in touch with students from all over the world and can gain knowledge from the socio-economic situation and problems of different countries. Development of various skills: Students develop the skill of asking questions and discussing. Students can go beyond problem solving.

Use of teleconference in education: Teleconferencing in the absence of the teacher helps in completing the unfinished teaching work of the students. Teleconferences are very useful for the student to know if there are any difficulties in gaining an understanding of the content. Teleconferences are very useful in gaining an accurate understanding of any subject in addition to information.

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The damage done to the student in the examination can be prevented by the use of teleconference. The experience of an expert can be taken advantage of. Teleconferencing is used to get students to understand if they have difficulty understanding. Direct exchanges can take place in teleconferences. Teleconferencing has a place of dialogue, so the benefit of an expert can be gained. 

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