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The Fit India Movement was launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister in August 2019 with a vision of encouraging every Indian citizen to adopt a physically active lifestyle. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) is the nodal ministry for implementing the Fit India Movement in coordination with other stakeholders. The aim of Fit India Movement is to encourage the citizens to include physical activity in their daily lives and to showcase the ease of simplicity of doing activities which can make them fit. In a bid to increase awareness about the importance of physical fitness in our daily lives, the Fit India Mission has conceptualised and conducted multiple events and campaigns. Fit India Movement has been able to mark its presence in more than 4 lakhs schools across the country through Annual Fit India School Week Celebrations and Fit India School certifications.

To further propagate the message of Fit India Movement among the school children and strengthen its presence in schools, a Fit India Quiz has been envisioned to involve school children across the country. Fit India Quiz, while providing a national platform to students to showcase their knowledge about fitness and sports, also endeavours to create awareness among students about India's rich sporting history, including centuries-old indigenous sports, our sporting heroes of the past and how traditional Indian lifestyle activities hold the key to a Fit Life for all.

Structure of Fit India Quiz

The Fit India Quiz is primed to be the first-of-its-kind nation-wide quiz on fitness and sports for school children. The quiz will have representations from every State/UT in the country and will be a mix of online and broadcast rounds. The quiz format has been designed in an inclusive manner wherein school students from across the country will get an opportunity to test their fitness and sports knowledge against their peers. The quiz will be open for students from all age groups, but the questions shall be framed in a way that can be easily answered by students of class 8 and above.
Following table provides the summary of phases/rounds involved in the Fit India
Quiz: Phases/Rounds Description


 The school to hold the first round of selection of students

internally and register the selected students for the Preliminary round.

 Registration for preliminary round will be open to all schools across India.

 Schools will be required to register minimum 2 students for the quiz on Fit India website ( Schools can register more than 2 students. There is no upper limit for number of students to be registered for Fit India Quiz from a single school.

 The registration fees will be Rs. 250 per student and will be paid by the school at the time of registration. The registration fees shall be applicable for each student and the school shall make the total payment depending on the number of students registered.

 The registration and payment by the schools shall be done by clicking the registration link provided on the Fit India website.


 Registered students will compete individually on an online platform hosted by NTA (National Testing Agency). The quiz questions shall be framed in a way that can be easily answered by students of class 8 and above.

 Provision will be made to have quiz questions in 13 languages English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Odiya, Assamese, Bengali, Punjabi and Urdu. However, in case of any discrepancies or invalidation, questions in English / Hindi language will prevail.

 The necessary links for accessing the quiz, username, and passwords for nominated individual student will be shared with the school and students before the NTA round.

 The quiz under NTA round will be of 45 minutes duration and will consist of 60 multiple choice questions (MCQ). Negative marking will be given for incorrect answers (Each correct answer carries 4 marks and for each wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted).

 The NTA round will be taken by individual student using a Desktop / Laptop equipped with O.S Windows 7 or above, Webcam, Microphone and a stable internet connection with preferable speed of 1Mbps. Evaluation and Results of NTA round

 The students will be evaluated based on the scores achieved in the NTA round. If more than one student gets the same score, the younger student (age-wise) will rank higher in the merit list.

 The school whose student is there in the merit list will qualify for the state round.

 Top ranked 8-32 schools from each State/UT will qualify for the next round as per the following table:

S. No. Number of qualified Schools for State/UT

Number of Schools participating from State/UT round

1. 0-500 8

2. 501-2500 16

3. 2501-5000 24

4. More than 5000 32

 If more than one student in the merit list are from the same school, the next student and school will secure a position, making his/her school qualifying for the state round.

 The qualified school must nominate an additional student from the respective school as quiz partner, based on their discretion, for the State Round to form a team of two quizzers. However, if more than one student from the qualified school is among the top scorers in the NTA round, the second student in the merit list will automatically be a part of the team representing the qualified school in the State Round.

 Details of the student who has been nominated as quiz partner

must be entered in on Fit India website by the qualified school.

 The students appearing in the preliminary round will get participation certificate. The recognition will be given to the schools having maximum participation.

STATE ROUND  To be conducted by each State/UTs with the support from FIT India Mission amongst qualified schools.

 State Round will see 8-32 teams from qualified schools participating on a customized digital platform.

 Format: Depending on the number of teams qualified (8-32 teams), 3-11 rounds will be held to determine the State/UT champion.

 These rounds will be anchored by a professional quiz master and will be webcast on social media. The quiz could be in mixed language (local as well). Also questions on local sport will also be asked.

 Total of 36 school teams i.e., one team per State/ UT will move to the National Round


National Round shall consist of Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Final Rounds-telecast on Star Sports and national television

Quarter Final
 36 teams will be divided into 12 groups of 3 teams each. The 3
teams will compete with each other and the top team from
each group (a total of 12 teams) will move to the Semi Final
 For the remaining 24 teams, 4 best Runner ups will also move

to the Semi Final Round
 A total of 16 teams will therefore qualify for the Semi-Finals.
Semi Final
 The 16 teams who enter the Semi-Finals will be divided into 4
groups of 4 teams each. The winner from each group will
move to the National Final Round, which will be telecast on
Star Sports.


 4 teams will compete to secure the Top Place of being India's No 1 school in the Fit India Quiz.
 Winner of the Final round will be declared as National
Champion. The questions in the State and National rounds will also include audio-visual and imagebased questions to make the quiz interactive and interesting. Preliminary round will also have image based questions. The Quiz will have questions from multiple themes as outlined below.
 History of Indian Sports, Traditional Sports and Games, Yoga, Personalities etc.
 Fitness topics with special emphasis on Indian traditional fitness methods.
 Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, KheloIndia Games and other
popular sports. The State and National rounds of the quiz will have innovative concepts such as 'phone a teacher/ parent' etc. to make it fun, interactive and engaging for the audience. The quiz will also have multi-formats featuring buzzer rounds and audio/video recognition round, etc.

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