Ahmedabad school principals decide not to charge fees for parents who lost parents in Corona for two years

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Ahmedabad school principals decide not to charge fees for parents who lost parents in Corona for two years

If last year's fee is paid, it will also be refunded

The state school board is also likely to take a decision on fees in the coming days

On the one hand, where there is inconsistency in the state schools regarding the new semester fees, there has been a big relief to the parents from the school administrators of Ahmedabad city. School administrators have announced a two-year school fee waiver for students who have lost a parent during the Coronation period, which will be reported to the schools by the board.

'Sangath' of private school administrators for orphaned children

Even before the issue of fees in schools picks up speed this year, Ahmedabad's private school administrators have taken the biggest decision in the interest of students. Ahmedabad City School Board is going to launch a campaign "Sangath" in which students studying in their school who have lost their parents during the Coronation period have decided to waive their fees for two years i.e. academic year 2019-20 and 2021 At the same time, students who have paid such fees in the previous year, i.e. for the year 2019-20, will also be reimbursed.

Ahmedabad School Board President Hitesh Patel.

Ahmedabad School Board President Hitesh Patel.

If the parents are cowardly, the monthly fee is also waived

Based on past experiences, the school board has also announced a waiver of the monthly fees of the student's parents who have been corona. The board is currently collecting information on students who have lost their parents in a private school in the city. This benefit will be given to the student if he / she shows the death certificate of his / her parents at the school as supporting evidence. In this regard, Hitesh Patel, president of the city school governing body, says that children are a member of the school family, for whom there is affection.

All the private schools in Ahmedabad were united for decision

This will benefit more than 550 private school students in Ahmedabad. Other administrators will be notified by the city school board. However, the most important thing is that all the private school administrators have been taken into confidence and agreed to this decision, as there are currently three main school governing bodies in the state, including the school governing body and the school governing body. And Ahmedabad Progressive School Association.

If the administrator does not accept the decision, the board will grant admission to another school

There have also been cases in the past where students who have not paid their fees have been denied L.C. The most important thing is that if a school-administrator does not accept this decision and the student is sent to L.C. If caught, such students from the congregation who have lost their parents in the family will be given admission in the school around them and the fee will be waived.

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