20 Social Media Tips for a Mesothelioma Law Firm

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20 Social Media Tips for a Mesothelioma Law Firm

Social media has evolved into a core marketing platform and is slowly turning out to be a prime component of the developing internet based business frontier. Facebook for instance gets over 200million daily visitors while an excess of 15 million people tweet daily. Couple this truth with the fact that one of the main sources of new cases for lawyers is word-of-mouth, and it becomes apparent to what extent a mesothelioma law firm may be losing out by not having a social media marketing strategy. Browse through the social media marketing tips below and learn how you can streamline your social media marketing.

Professional page

A professional social media page gives a potential client a mental picture of the level of professionalism your mesothelioma law firm subscribes to.

Attractive branding
The law profession is all about human interaction and influencing the decisions of others. Go for branding that connotes friendliness and approachability

Show professional courtesy on social media. If an individual who is not law savvy approaches you yet you cannot be of help to him/her, have the professional courtesy to direct that person to a relevant law firm.

Offer mesothelioma advice
The prime goal of offering helpful mesothelioma advice is so that people may associate your brand with helpfulness and genuine interest in the plight of clients.

Share successful mesothelioma cases
Make a point of sharing successful mesothelioma cases which inspire as well as give hope. There are many mesothelioma patients who forego legal services because they see lawsuits as too much hassle.

Use social media research tools
Most mesothelioma patients are over 40 years of age. You can utilize social media research tools to know when your targeted demographic is most active on social media.

Use social media management tools
You will not always be in the mood to craft and post updates. Social media management told such as Hootsuite can help you organize your social media posts.

Holistic content that involves all the senses has more impact. Make use of pictures to capture the attention of your followers.

Helpful Quotes
Post some helpful life quotes mildly related to sickness, challenges, and mesothelioma so that your followers can see you as a genuinely helpful and caring person.

Local focus
Get involved in local law related causes and be vocal about it on social media. It will help get word out to the local demographic you target. You can start by having a free course at a local college, volunteering etc.

Use local media to your advantage
Take note of local news and utilize your expertise in any area to offer advice, or answer questions on social media.

Avoid bragging
There is a very thin line between sharing your successes and bragging; be careful not to cross it. Otherwise, you risk people seeing you in a bad light whether in real life or on social media.

Take a stand and be vocal about it
Take a stand on something controversial in your area of focus, it will bring you much needed social media attention. However, you have to choose your side properly.

Avoid random posts
All social media posts should have a purpose. Either to market yourself, educate, or help your followers.

Avoid hard sell tactics
Hard sell tactics do more harm than good. Any hard sell social media post is likely to flop as well as cultivate a tendency of people skipping your posts.

Use videos to your advantage
Make quality videos that address mesothelioma related issues. You can then be sharing the links in your posts for those who seek more information.

Join professional groups
The same way you might direct a client to another firm is the same way a client can be directed to you. However, it is less likely to happen if you do not network with other lawyers in real life as well as on social media.

Integrate your social media with your site to improve your SEO rankings

Your social media pages should be well linked with your website. This way, the SEO ranking of your mesothelioma law firm website will hike considerably.

Take pro-bono cases
If you can spare some time, take up a pro-bono case. You can do so by inviting applicants through social media to improve the image of your brand.

Hire a professional
This is the best decisions you can make if you want to solely focus on what you love and avoid getting bogged down by the responsibility of maintaining your law firm’s social media presence.

Regardless of social media presence, practice of law to build a worthwhile name in a particular niche is about offering your clients nothing but the best. At no time should marketing efforts, though important, compromise service quality. After all, quality service is the best marketing strategy of them all.

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