Unlimited Internet And Messaging Service Launch Simcard, 165 Countries Will Wor

Unlimited Internet And Messaging Service Launch Simcard, 165 Countries Will Wor

NEW DELHI: Chat SIM, which provides SIM card, launched its latest SIM-SIM 2 SIM card in Milan, Italy. The company's SIM card is being asked to include users' unlimited internet surfing and messaging. The special thing is that it does not have to pay any kind of charge and there will be no limit to it. Under the Chat Sim Annual Plan, users will have the facility to send messages to approximately 165 countries.

Chat Sim 2 will be launched in the 'Mobile World Congress 2018' in Suzan Walking from February 25 to March 1 in Barcelona. It is being said that other features of Chat Sim will also be curtailed in the program. Unlimited packs in chat sim2 run on jeera rating concept. Let us state that before the company launched Chat Sim, there were some restrictions.

In the previous chat sim, users had to buy some multimedia credits for photo, video and voice calling. However, on the basis of Chat Sim2, the company has claimed that the user will be able to use Internet Surfing and pending mobile applications under the original plan.

According to the company, Chat Sim 2 will work with about 250 telecom operators from around the world. Whose reach is in more than 165 countries. In the upcoming Plans with SIM card, you can make unlimited chat through some of the selected apps, including apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, V-Chat, Telegram, Line and Hyk.

This SIM iPhone will work on operating system, Android and windows phones and tablets. There is no information about what its value will currently be in India.

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Hard Drive Recovery & Repair Services

Hard Drive Recovery & Repair Services

SERT’s hard drive data recovery engineers have advanced experience recovering files from all types of hard drive failures. Sometimes a hard drive must be repaired temporarily, in other words, it must function properly in order to recover the data.

Maybe you don’t really know where to start. You’re not sure which data recovery service knows how to fix hard drive failures, or who to trust.

HDD File Recovery

navigating hard drive repair can be like a ship in rough seas
Needing to recover files from a hard drive failure may make you feel as though you have set sail into uncharted waters.

Understanding the proper process of recovering data from a hard drive will help you navigate safely, and ensure the best results!
  • What are the most important steps to preserve highest potential success rate?
  • Why do prices vary so much between Hd recovery firms?
  • What is a realistic Hdd recovery process chronology?
  • How should I set my recovery expectations?
  • What are the common causes of Hd failure?
Below is a behind the scenes video of what a common hard drive repair (head swap) looks like, performed by one of our trained professional engineers.

Harddisk Recovery: What does hard disk repair have to do with recovering my files?
Didn’t you just want your files back? Of course you do, but what you might not know is: FIRST 1. a hard drive needs to actually work the way it did before it failed, before the files can be recovered.


Recovery Services: Hitachi Laptop Hard Drive Repair Video


If your hard disk has crashed, won’t boot anymore, your computer won’t recognize it, it’s making awful clicking or beeping noises…

OR JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE: hdd won’t work anymore and you cannot access your data, your hard drive is in a FAILED state.

Any failure must be temporarily repaired before the data can be recovered. This requires the drive to be brought to its original “working” state (temporarily repaired), in order to get your data.

A hard drive cannot be temporarily repaired without knowing EXACTLY what the cause of the failure was. The evaluation and data recovery process cannot move forward without an accurate and detailed diagnosis.
This is where a companies’ competence becomes a crucial factor.

Why does hard drive failure happen? (ie. Why is my hard drive clicking)
Most common hard drive failure symptoms:
  • Bad Sectors
  • Corrupt or Damaged Firmware
  • Failed, Failing, Crashed Read Write Heads
  • Scratched Platters
  • Deleted Data
  • Clicking or Beeping Noises
  • Drive not spinning
  • Drive not recognized
  • Drive not getting power
  • Drive smoking
  • Drive screeching or scraping
  • Drive knocking
The most important part of data recovery is determining why your hard drive has failed, what is preventing access to your files..

  • Recovering your data is almost always possible if you have immediately turned off the drive, and a data recovery firm who understands hard drive failures gets involved.
  • Every manufacturer and drive model has it’s own weaknesses, and unique utilities required for repair.
  • In many situations it is impossible to recover data from dead hard drives, without these advanced disk repair utilities.
Portable and External hard drive recovery:
hard drive problemsRecovery after external hard drive repair is one of the most common cases we recover.

External hard drives are most prone to failure because they are portable.
They are often transported in backpacks and briefcases, are easily tipped over, and have very little protection against shock.

We recover data from hard drive manufacturers of all kinds. Below is a list of internal and external drive manufacturers our engineers work with on a daily basis, in our recovery lab.

About 50% of the time, the cases where parts are required is when an external hard drive has been dropped, or suffered from some sort of impact.
  • Maxtor
  • Seagate
  • Samsung
  • Western Digital
  • Iomega
  • HGST
  • Fujistu
  • IBM
  • Toshiba
  • Hitachi
  • Lacie
Over 20 years of hard drive diagnostic experience
SERT specializes in advanced diagnosis and repair of hard drives, all makes and models, whatever issue it may have.ide 2.5 inch drive image
The ability to properly diagnose your drive can often be the factor that determines whether your data is successfully recovered, or lost forever.
TIP: When repairs are needed they are only temporary, and strictly for recovery purposes, not to restore the drive again in your system.

The policies and procedures a company follow to recover data from hard drive cases greatly impacts their outcome, and ultimately determines success.
We are talking about your personal and important files, aren’t we? So you have a very important decision to make.

Come back and click below to see our video about how we recovered 100% data from a hard drive out of a car fire!best hard drive brand is western digital

Common cases we successfully recover 100% files:
  • I have a clicking hard drive that I need my photos off of. They are very important and my computer does not recognize it.
  • Damaged hard drive from a drop. Making beeping noises please help
  • My drive is corrupted, takes forever to load my files and can’t copy them off the drive.
  • I need recovery of my dead hard drive. It won’t power up and no computer recognizes it. Not spinning or anything
  • Need to recover data from hard drive that is not working anymore.
  • I accidentally formatted my drive and need recovery, tried software and can’t get anything off my hard drive.
  • Best Buy said my hard drive was crashed and need a clean room recovery.
  • My hard disk failed. Computer guy said I need a clean room. I tried to hook it up to multiple computers but none of them see it.
  • Was told I have a bad hard drive but i need my data from it. It’s very important files that I can’t live without.
Do affordable, transparent, discreet, and effective Hdd recovery services exist?
The recovery team at SERT Data understands that you need answers, and you probably have very little you have hard drive failure. But

You need a recovery company you can trust, who is qualified and capable of getting your files back. Someone who is going to treat your situation as if it were their own child’s first 3 years of baby pictures on that drive.

SERT Data Recovery’s goal is for you to be able to make an educated decision, and know exactly what you can expect BEFORE you commit to and pay for anything. We want you to get your data back, at a reasonable price.

We have designed our hard drive repair services to stand apart from any other company in the United States. We put our money where our mouth is with our flat rates, free shipping, and a no data no pay policy.

Recovery Costs? How much should hard drives cost to recover?

Successful hard drive repair, and data recovery, requires high levels of training and experience with each drive manufacturer and the tools used in the process.

The value of your data has no relevance to what it will take for one of our engineers to recover the data off the device. Some of the most difficult, time consuming cases include: lost or deleted data from formatted, damaged, clicking, dropped, failed, or otherwise dead hard drives.

SERT engineers successfully recover cases like these in our CLASS 100 ISO 5 clean room environment every day. The majority of our clients also appreciate having flat rates based on the storage capacity of their drive, and the cause of the drive failure.

After a SERT engineer evaluates your drive, you will know EXACTLY what kind of failure, and what it’s going to take to recover the data. If your data is unrecoverable, a SERT representative will be able to provide you with basic details of the results of the evaluation.

With SERT, there is no guessing game when it comes to the price. Our flat rates are for successful recoveries, so you don’t have to send your drive off wondering which kind of payment (VW or Porsche) your going to be asked to pay for your data.

We preserve the integrity of your data during crashed hard drive repair

Most computer and IT companies will try to recover your data working directly from the patient hard drive which continues to degrade the media, or worse destroys it. SERT engineers follow a highly strict set of protocols during the evaluation process of your hard disk recovery to preserve its original state of failure.hard drives we recover data from

The first thing we do to preserve the current condition of your drive is make a clone of your drive to work from.

Whether you’ve accidentally deleted files or your laptop, desktop, or external hard drive has sustained physical damage, no matter what kind of disaster you have experienced, we guarantee we have the hard drive repair and recovery skills to restore data where others will fail.

What is professional hard disk data recovery?

Usually you’ll get ONLY one chance to get your data back from a clicking, seriously damaged, dead laptop, desktop, or external hard drive.

Most “computer and IT data recovery companies” offer a limited level software recovery service.

This means the best they can do for you is simply run “over the counter” software to attempt to read data from a crashed or failed hard drive.

This WILL in fact cause more damage on a failed hard drive, making the recovery process even more complicated, or evfen impossible.

How do I know my laptop hard drive is failing?
If your laptop (or any other computer) won’t turn on, or is running terribly slow, your hard drive may be on it’s way to mechanical failure. There are many reasons that hard drives fail. The most common reason is because of the impact or shock when the laptop is banged or dropped.common hard drive recovery case

This can easily damage internal components of the hard drive. Another well known contributor to hard drive failure is power outages. Unless you have your computer connected to a UPC, your computer may abruptly shut down causing the heads of the drive to slam into the platter instead of parking where they are supposed to.

If you have a failing, clicking, corrupt, or broken laptop, desktop, or external hard drive don’t be discouraged. The damage will persist and grow if you take the wrong steps to fix it. Once you spot the early signs of a hard drive failure locating a professional recovery service for help can mean the difference between getting your data back or never seeing it again.

Clicking hard drive recovery and more
At SERT Data Recovery, we have all the tools and the knowledge to preserve the present condition of your drive, while we evaluating the possibility of recovering your data.clicking-hard-drive-recovery

On premises we regularly deal with clicking damaged hard drives in our class 100 clean room custom built environment.

This is when the heads cannot find their way to read the date from the platters and ends up returning back to its parking position making a clicking sound.

This is usually due to bent heads or scratched platters.

How exactly does broken and crashed hard drive recovery work?
Broken and crashed hard drives are terms used to describe a problem which is really unknown. These are common terms used very loosely by individuals not familiar with the actual diagnostics process of hard drive recovery.

crashed-hard-driveThese terms can apply to laptop, desktop, or external hard drives, and usually refer to a drive in a non working state.

Crashed hard drives from an engineer’s perspective, actually relates to the drive when the read write heads have crashed into the platter, scratching them. This usually results in a hard drive data recovery case that is unrecoverable.

SERT goes above and beyond the obvious when it comes to hard drive recovery

We strive to recover every possible bit of data possible, while testing the integrity of the working files. Our engineers dive into each and every sector piecing together the file system to determine how much data the device has and where it is located.
Our engineers attempt to build the original file/folder map so you can have your data back in the structure it was originally in. This isn’t always possible however it’s our first priority when recovering your files.

We Are Your Crashed Hard Drive Data recovery Company to Trust

We understand the horrible experience of data loss, corruption, and broken drives bring, so we always go above and beyond to provide the best services – at very competitive prices. All you need to do is call to get a quote, and then send your damaged hard drive in (free of charge).

National hard drive recovery services
As a growing national hard drive data recovery service we have had experience providing external hard drive data recovery services to almost the entire United States as well as other countries. Here is a list of locations where we have successfully recovered hard drives of all types for our clients. We are currently interested in opening up a service location for future convenience: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Columbus, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; El Paso, Texas; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Fresno, California; Georgetown, Texas; Hampton, Virginia; Honolulu, Hawaii; Houston, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Jacksonville, Florida; Kansas City, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; Killeen, Texas; Lakewood, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; Long Beach, California; Los Angeles, California; Memphis, Tennessee; Mesa, Arizona; Miami, Florida; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York, New York; Oakland, California; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Omaha, Nebraska; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; Round Rock, Texas; Sacramento, California; San Antonio, Texas; San Diego, California; San Francisco, California; San Jose, California; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Seattle, Washington; Temple, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Vancouver, Washington; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Washington, DC.; Boulder, Colorado; Fort Collins-Loveland, Colorado; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California; Cambridge-Newton-Framingham, Massachusetts; Arlington, Texas; Alexandria, Virginia; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Salt Lake City, Utah; Corvallis, Oregon; Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Provo-Orem, Utah; Bend, Oregon; Missoula, Montana; Grand Junction, Colorado; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Bethesda, Maryland; Frederick,Maryland; Rockville, Maryland; Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Beaverton, Oregon; Wilmington, Delaware; Ames, Iowa; Alabama; Arkansas; Connecticut; Delaware; Idaho; Kentucky; Maine; Mississippi; North Dakota; New Hampshire; New Jersey; Rhode Island; South Carolina. If you are interested in becoming a reseller in one of these areas, or if you are in another are not listed here please contact us for more information regarding our reseller program.

Donate Car to a Charity in Massachusetts (MA)

Donate Car to a Charity in Massachusetts
Submit a vehicle donation in Massachusetts (MA)
Car Donation Service in Massachusetts (MA)
Car donation in Massachusetts, home of the city of Boston and the Boston Red Sox baseball team, through Car Donation Wizard is a simple and easy process that greatly benefits the charity of your choice. Our car donation process can be done online or over the phone (877-957-2277), helping you get rid of your old vehicle in a timely and efficient manner. Start by choosing the nonprofit you want to support through car donation by selecting one of the links to the left or by visiting our charity selector page. We've made it easy to donate to esteemed national and local charities like: the American Cancer Society, WBUR, March of Dimes and the North Shore Animal League by pledging to only partner with the organizations that will make the most of your vehicle donation. We also only work with 501(3)(c) registered charities, who are legally able to provide you with a tax deduction for your contribution.

Don't be fooled by organizations promising vacations or gifts in return for your car donation, these organizations provide these gifts at a cost to the charity and need to be deducted from any tax deduction you claim. The IRS stipulates that you can deduct the fair market value of your vehicle, which Car Donation Wizard provides on your tax receipt. Other organizations providing goods or services, must deduct the value of those goods or services from your tax deduction and ultimately your charities pocket.

Support the charity of your choice in Massachusetts today by starting your car donation in the right place, Car Donation Wizard!

How do I sign my title to donate a car in Massachusetts?
For detailed instructions on how to properly fill out your title click on one of the pictures below to see an example title

How do I release the liability of my donated vehicle in Massachusetts (MA)?
  • The state of Massachusetts does NOT require a Certificate of Title to transfer ownership of vehicles produced prior to 1980.
  • In order to complete your Massachussetts car donation, transfer your title by entering the name of our authorized agent, ADVANCED REMARKETING SERVICES in the buyer/purchaser field. Please PRINT and SIGN your name in the seller/owner field EXACTLY as it appears at the top of the title.
Do a bit of good through car donation in MA. We help a number of non-profit organizations get a lifeline through charity car donations. We accept almost any vehicle in any state because we believe every donation will go a long way. If you have an RV, car, boat, truck, or other automobile that you will never use again, consider donating it to charitable groups. Not only are you helping others, you may also receive a tax deduction yourself.

Wherever you are in The Codfish State, from Boston to Cambridge to Somerville, we will entertain your donation. What matters is you deciding to give, and rest assured, we will handle everything from the start. You don’t need to worry about towing or paperwork, because we’ll do it all. More than anything, our team commends you for helping those in need in your own way.

A possible tax deduction would be a welcome help to you. It’s fast, easy and you’ll feel great knowing you’re helping make a difference in your community by supporting a charity of your choice right here in Massachusetts. This includes nationwide groups such as the American Kidney Fund, American Diabetes Association, National Kidney Foundation, and local ones such as SPCA Massachusetts, United Way Tri County, Autism Resource Center, Humane Society, and The Home for Little Wanderers.

Your car donation in MA will go a long way, we assure you. Help those that need your help, and despite the state of the car, it still has some value left. Trust Donate A Car to be your conduit in making a difference.


For millions of Americans, Personal Injury Attorneys are literally lifesavers. They give individuals who have suffered loss, accidents, or injuries the chance to rebuild their lives after suffering misfortune.

When every pay check counts and the negligence, recklessness, malpractice or deliberate errors of others has caused suffering, personal injury lawyers work with the victims to secure compensation and correction that can cover medical expenses, disability, lost wages, defamation, emotional distress, expenses and suffering. Personal injury attorneys also protect clients from victimization from insurance companies and the legal system. Read more

Accidents in the workplace are just one typical example that personal injury attorneys are able to assist with, but everything from automobile accidents to dog bites and dental malpractice to a nasty fall could mean that you need the services of a trained, trustworthy lawyer to help you get what is rightfully yours.

Personal injury lawyers will deal with investigating claims, researching evidence and laws, drafting pleas, interviewing witnesses, advocating at trial and, mainly, counseling clients. They are articulate, great negotiators and make a point of keeping the client’s wishes and development as their most important guiding concern.

There are over one millions attorneys in the USA today, so locating one who possesses the ideal combination of expertise, experience, knowledge and a proven track record of success, is challenging. Ask yourself, are they licensed? How many years experience do they have? Are they specialists in personal injury (many will claim this but really share their focus across several legal areas)? Are they in private practice?

What do their previous clients think of them? Other attorneys? What is their case success rate and have they written any studies or books? Not all lawyers are able or interested in writing books but if one has published to a successful, high-selling degree, then it is safe to believe they are respected and know their stuff.

More obvious ways to tell the quality of your potential personal injury attorneys would be to ask them if they have won any awards or performed any teaching or mentoring roles.

Many attorneys offer a free or test price consultation, which is a great way to get to know them better. This appointment is one that you are relying on in so many ways, so you want to find a lawyer who listens to your needs and who you can really trust. If you’re not comfortable in their company then they’re probably not the right choice for you.

Personal injury attorneys are one of the bedrocks of the US legal system. They fight for the little guy and they are there when, for many, all other hope is gone. Any case involving loss or injury to person or body falls under tort or personal injury law. Lawyers will often juggle high case loads and tight deadlines to deliver the best for their clients. And to help clients discover the best personal injury attorneys in the USA, we have created this section.

Paperport Hot Promotional Codes & Coupons


Nuance Paperport is the leading document management software used to manage your important files. When using Nuance Paperport, you will be free from worry about misplacing or losing your Pdfs, documents when you scan your files. It is one of the leading desktop file management program that is compatible with latest Windows 10 and available for iPad too.

Top rated Nuance Paperport Coupons and Codes

Up to 50% Off – Head up and grab Professional version to save up to 50% off the retail price. Discount will be automatically apply to your cart.

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Free Download – Try PaperPort notes for FREE. It is digital note-taking utility for iPad for gathering information and store that in your favorite cloud storage services. No need to use any saving coupons for that.

NSAVE20 – Use this limited edition code at the payment page to receive 20% discount on order of Power PDF 2 Standard and Dragon.

Free Shipping – Do you want to purchase Nuance software and want them to ship physical product (DVDs) right to your doorstep? then here is the good news for you. They offer Free Ground Shipping on purchase of select products. It is valid for US customers only. If you are international user then opt-in for digital download.

Free Trial – Nuance offers 15-day trial of Professional 14, the world’s best document management software that allow you to scan, share and organize important documents hassle free. You just have to fill up small form to claim your free trial.

THANKS20 – It is sitewide valid for voucher code that you can apply for your first time purchase. It is not valid for existing customers.

The Nuance Paperport Unique Features and Review

A Nuance basically offers three different version of Paperport 14 including Basic ($99), Professional ($199) and Enterprise. Based on your requirement, you can get any one of them. I suggest to go for basic if you are individual and want it for your home usage or light work. For small organization or self-employed, professional is the best option.

If you are little bit confuse about Nuance Paperport 14 and want to first check their features then you should think about free trial offer. You can test the water using that and based on that act accordingly. The Coupon code is one time usable only, so act quickly before someone else grab it. Don’t worry if you can’t as I often update this page with latest promotion and deals.

Nuance is the multi award winner American multinational software corporation. They feature dozens of software, mobile apps and desktop utility to ease your daily work.

How to Use Nuance Paperport Promo Codes?

You just have to click on the link and you will be landed on the page with the discounted PaperPort 14 product. No need to apply any discount codes. However, In certain cases, you will be asked to enter coupon if any. If so then please refer above section to find appropriate coupons. Each discount coupons have their own criteria, so make sure to read it before you use it.

Personal Injury Lawyers in the USA

Personal Injury - Recent Legal Articles
Tractor Trailer Accident Cases
by Thomas Creech Law Offices, LLC

With Interstate 85 running through, tractor trailer accidents occur often in South Carolina. This article considers some of the reasons for these accidents and what is being done to prevent them.
Personal Injury in Massachusetts from Assault

Assault cases in Massachusetts may lead to personal injury claims when the person sustained harm from the incident with the accused perpetrator. While assault and battery occur together in usual circumstances, sometimes injury through an event with assault is accidental or due to negligence rather than intentional harm.

Xarelto Lawsuit Alleges Pharma Companies Rigged Clinical Trials
by d'Oliveira & Associates

The Xarelto clinical trial results were compared to a Warfarin study that was mishandled in Eastern Europe.

Even a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Can Affect You for Months
by Law Office of William W. Hurst, LLC

Many mild TBIs are classified as “concussions,” a fact which causes victims and their families to believe that it is not a serious matter. In reality, concussions and other forms of mild TBIs have the potential to cause serious symptoms months after the injury initially took place.

Johnson & Johnson Hit with Talcum Powder Lawsuit in Connecticut
by d'Oliveira & Associates

A wrongful death lawsuit was brought against Johnson & Johnson by the family of a woman who died of cancer.

Do You Suspect Medical Malpractice? Here's Where You Should Start
by Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law

Sometimes when seeking medical treatment, patients experience negative medical outcomes which healthcare providers simply cannot control. But on the other hand, there are times when they suffer from mistakes that can be attributed to medical malpractice. How can you tell if the latter has happened to you or a loved one? That question can be better explained once you know exactly what medical malpractice is.

Who Is at Fault for an Injury? An Introduction to Liability
by Louthian Law Firm, PA

You might think it’s pretty simple. Car A went through an intersection, against the red light and hit Car B, injuring its driver, so Car A’s driver is at fault. Right? It’s not always as simple as it sounds. In a personal injury case there may be any number of causes and multiple parties who may be at fault for causing an injury.

How Do I Know if I Need a Lawyer?
by Thomas Creech Law Offices, LLC

There are times in your life when you may be faced with legal issues. If you are injured due to no fault of your own, you may need legal representation to help you navigate the system. This article lists some of these situations that may require you to hire help.
Expert Witness Establishes a Link Between Conduct and Injury in Negligence Cases

Negligence cases often involve some form of negative conduct on behalf of a professional that may lead to the injury, and this then progresses through the courts for compensation. When the claim becomes complicated or confusing, the expert steps in to unravel the problem and explain certain elements and aspects for better clarification.

What an Expert Witness Does in Accident Reconstruction Cases

Experts hired for accidents often reconstruct the incident from the beginning to the end where the collision occurred. There are various factors evaluated during these processes which assist in understanding how the collision occurs, and the expert is able to connect certain elements to the defendant or plaintiff to assist in proving the need for compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyers in the USA Other Countries
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Structures Annuity Settlement : What Is a Structured Settlement?

Structured Settlements

A structured settlement is a type of annuity that pays out an award from a civil lawsuit by spreading the payments out over a long period of time. A structured settlement many times offers a better future guarantee of money than a single payout. However, in times of financial trouble or when major life events occur, structured settlement payments can be cashed out for a lump-sum.


What Is a Structured Settlement?

Despite all the legal language around them, structured settlements are simple. Many lawsuits result in someone or some company paying money to another to right a wrong. Those responsible for the wrong may agree to the settlement on their own, or they may be forced to pay the money when they lose the case in court.

If the settlement is small enough, the wronged party may have the option to receive a lump sum settlement. For larger settlements, however, a structured settlement annuity may be arranged.

In this case, the at-fault party puts the money toward an annuity, which is a financial product that guarantees regular payments over time from an insurance company.

The structured settlement agreement details the series of payments the person who was wronged will receive as compensation for the harm done to them. Structuring the money over a longer period of time offers a better future guarantee of financial security because a single payout can be spent quickly.

Structured settlements gained popularity in the 1980s after the U.S. Congress passed the Periodic Payment Settlement Act. According to the National Structured Settlements Trade Association, almost $6 billion in new structured settlements are issued annually.

Frequently Asked Questions: Get straightforward answers to common questions about a structured settlement annuity.

How Do Structured Settlements Work?
A structured settlement pays out money owed from a legal settlement through periodic payments in the form of a financial product known as an annuity. However, many legal settlements offer a lump sum payment option, which provides a one-time sum of money. The key differences between both annuity settlement options are the long-term security and the taxes. For example, money received from a personal injury case is almost always tax free when you receive it. However, once the money is yours, you’re liable for taxes and dividends from the lump sum.

There are a number of reasons why an individual may receive a structured settlement, the most common cases being:

Personal Injury: A personal injury case is a civil case where someone who’s been harmed files a lawsuit seeking money from the person believed responsible for the harm. Money in the form of a structured settlement helps recipient pay for medical expenses or other costs.
Workers’ Compensation: Most people know about workers compensation, which pays out workers who get injured on the job while they recover. Payments can be used for medical treatment and wage replacement during periods when injured employees are unable to work and other expenses.
Medical Malpractice: In some unfortunate cases, doctors can do more harm than good. In this instance, injured patients or the families of deceased patients can sue for medical malpractice.
Wrongful Death: A structured settlement is also a common way to compensate the family of someone whose death was the subject of a wrongful death claim. Families may be entitled to receive a stream of tax free payments, to replace the loss of income previously earned by the lost loved one.

Structured settlements — or structured annuities — are both financial products and legal judgements. While they function somewhat like private assets, they are also subject to complex regulations. Learn about the process of being awarded a structured settlement annuity as well as the legal protections and advantages given to structured settlement recipients through the following pages:

Structured Settlement Payout Options: Compare and contrast the different ways to accept a cash settlement from a lawsuit.
Government Support for Structured Settlements: Learn about how the government uses the tax code to promote the use of structured settlements.
Structured Settlements for Minors: Read about why this type of settlement is typically used in cases involving underage children.

Structured Settlement Pros and Cons

Structured annuities are ideally suited for many different types of cases. However, once the terms are in place, they cannot be changed. For additional information on how structured settlements work, payout options, or how to access your cash award ahead of the annuity contract schedule, the Structured Settlements FAQs page can be a beneficial resource within your search.

There are a number of advantages from receiving structured settlement payments. When deciding on any financial investment, it is important to understand the benefits along with the risks.

  • Structured settlement payments are tax-free.
  • In the event of the recipient’s premature death, the contract’s designated heir can continue to receive any future guaranteed tax-free payments.
  • Payments can be scheduled for almost any length of time and can begin immediately or be deferred for as many years as requested. They can include future lump-sum payouts or benefit increases.
  • Spreading out payments over time can reduce the temptation to make large, extravagant purchases and guarantees future income. This is especially helpful if the recipient has a medical condition that will require long term care.
  • Unlike stocks, bonds and mutual funds, structured settlements are not dependent on fluctuations of financial markets. Payments are guaranteed by the insurance company that issued the annuity.
  • A structured settlement often yields, in total, more than a lump-sum payout would because of the interest your annuity may earn over time.
  • Once terms are finalized, there’s little you can do to alter them if they do not meet your needs. You cannot renegotiate the terms if your financial situation or the overall economy changes.
  • Funds are not immediately accessible in case of an emergency, and the recipient cannot invest the lump-sum payout in other investments that carry higher rates of return.
  • Tapping into your structured settlement without selling payments will cost you money. You will pay surrender charges and IRS penalties if you withdraw funds before age 59½.
  • Some parts of a settlement, such as attorney’s fees and punitive damages can be taxed.
  • Not all states require insurance companies to disclose their costs to establish a structured settlement or lump-sum annuity. Without this information, a recipient could lose a significant amount of money from their settlement through administrative fees.
Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

Selling Structured Settlement Payments: Find out how structured settlement recipients can access their cash award ahead of the annuity contract schedule. Learn more about topics like:
  • What Is the Secondary Annuity Market?
  • Key Considerations and Requirements
  • Selling Payments on Behalf of Minors

Virtual Data Rooms: Everything You Need to Know

Virtual Data Room, due diligence, document retention,Mergers & Acquisitions, Deal Management

As the name suggests, a virtual data room, or as it is more frequently called, a “VDR,” is an online database in which companies can store and share confidential information, usually used during a financial transaction. It may also be described as a type of electronic repository or document filing system. With the ubiquitous reliance on computers and specialized software to keep a business running smoothly, coupled with the fact that more and more companies are making the transition to a completely paperless office, many of the previously document-heavy operational practices have been shifted to the virtual realm.

What is in a Data Room?
VDRs are used by companies to securely store and share critical and sensitive corporate data and are most commonly used during deals. The information stored in a data room is generally private documentation that is typically considered to be of high value to the company or owner of the data room. Of course, in addition to traditional record keeping that is required for many financial, legal, and tax matters, a lot of companies have other important documents and information that they need to retain and would like to store safely to ensure that it remains confidential. For example, items relating to intellectual property, such as trade secrets and copyrighted works must be convenient to access but also stored in a highly secure location. Because of the growing importance of data and the ensuing increased demand to ensure that such data is adequately safeguarded, the virtual data room was born, and over the years, it has evolved into the kind of solution that it is today.

Why Use a Virtual Data Room?
For financial transactions, virtual data room software has become the norm, replacing the once-ubiquitous physical data rooms. Physical data rooms had their limitations and were time consuming and inconvenient for the parties involved. With the advancement of online security (which is of paramount importance to virtual data rooms), the physical data room became an outdated concept, being replace with a virtual deal room, where companies could share due diligence information securely and from anywhere in the world. The most common uses of VDRs are listed below:

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M&A due diligence is a common use case for a VDR. Merging with or acquiring other businesses involves a lot of research, and particularly the furnishing and review of volumes and volumes of documents. For companies merely entertaining a purchase offer, it can be daunting to hand over the sensitive data that will be requested. Thus, companies heavily engaged in M&A can still participate in negotiations and allow for the safe viewing of valuable, confidential data by relying on a purpose-built VDR. And, in the event that a deal does not close, access to the data room can simply be terminated.

For both startups and larger enterprises, engaging in various fundraising rounds is often key to growing a business. And, as many entrepreneurs know, convincing investors to fork over heaps of cash is not exactly an easy feat. In general, fundraising mandates a great deal of data and document sharing, especially during the due diligence investigation. During these fundraising phases, using a VDR can drastically facilitate the requisite exchange of sensitive information, and leadership teams on both sides of the deal should feel comfortable given that using a VDR will allow for better control and oversight.


IPOs can be particularly onerous transactions, as the decision to go public means that companies will be subjecting themselves to additional rules and regulations, often at the local, state, and federal level. In addition, this transition requires more transparency for the public and prospective shareholders. In order to go through all of the necessary steps to launch and survive an IPO, meticulous document retention and management will be key, which utilizing a VDR obviously allows.
Strategic Partnerships

Even if companies do not formally merge or acquire another business, it often makes sense to partner with other firms for the provision of some good or service or to engage in an entirely new venture. As with most partnerships, these sorts of arrangements will no doubt require a substantial amount of data sharing. This is once again a situation in which a VDR will prove invaluable, and it will ease the minds of the leaders involved in the partnership, as they can rest assured that all valuable data will be protected.

There are plenty of situations in which external parties will need to review a company’s data, although not necessarily in an adversarial or competitive nature. For example, when legal counsel, accountants, or auditors need to take a look at a company’s corporate records or other documentation, the leadership team will have to find a way to provide them with the information they need without allowing it to be compromised. This is just another example of how a VDR can be used to facilitate virtually every document sharing need a company may have.

IP Management
In some cases, companies may not be as concerned about sharing sensitive data with external parties, and yet still in need of a coherent data security strategy. This is particularly true for startups and other businesses whose growth and survival is highly dependent on safeguarding invaluable intellectual property (IP). For companies falling under this umbrella, establishing a VDR to store any and all IP-related documentation is an extremely wise decision, especially when maximum security standards are an absolute must have. Company leaders and their legal counsel will no doubt be pleased to know their invaluable IP will continue to be invaluable.

Board Communications
Sometimes board members insist on being heavily involved with a company’s leadership team and other facets of the operations. But, board members do not always reside nearby nor do they make frequent visits to the office headquarters. In these instances, when key personnel is scattered across the country, or even across the globe, it will be critical to have a system in place that allows for the instant yet secure sharing of information. One of the best ways to ensure that documents are shared quickly and safely is by storing them in a VDR and then granting access to others, including remotely located board members, as appropriate.

Secure Document Sharing
Ultimately, in any scenario in which a company needs to securely share documents with service providers, prospective investors, any other external parties, or even amongst its own internal employees, having a strong VDR with stringent security measures already put in place will make this process a whole lot faster and easier. Perhaps best of all, those involved do not have to be as worried about information being stolen or misappropriated.

The bottom line is that a VDR can come in handy for C-level folks needing to share confidential files and data amongst themselves, HR departments responsible for maintaining employee records, project managers in charge of various aspects of business operations, and countless other scenarios. The utility and efficacy of a VDR simply cannot be overstated.

Who Uses Virtual Data Rooms?
It’s clear by now that businesses across industries have been turning to virtual data room providers, instead of physical data rooms, for decades, and for good reason. The evolution of the data room industry has changed the way people do business, and now serves as necessary tool for all parties involved in any business deal. They provide users 24/7 access to business information in a secure online location that can be accessed from anywhere, all while minimize the risk of human error that could potentially kill a deal. But, as previously addressed, a deal room goes beyond a diligence round during M&A. Virtual data room providers help many industries successfully complete all corporate events in a secure, controlled, and malleable way. Here are a few industries that commonly use VDRs:
Technology is an industry fueled with rapid innovation and growth. Companies are constantly raising funds, getting acquired, going public, and more. Having a secure, controlled way for corporate document sharing and storage is of paramount importance for tech. A data room for technology companies commonly facilitates the following financial transactions:
  • Raising venture capital
  • M&A
  • Corporate document storage
  • Audits & compliance
  • IPO
  • HR files
Life Sciences

The life sciences industry, commonly comprised of biotech, medical devices, and pharma companies, have a lot of intellectual property to protect. Companies in the life sciences industry frequently partner with other companies, license IP, raise funds, and have the need to protect an intellectual property portfolio. A data room for life science companies commonly facilitates the following:
  • Fundraising
  • Clinical trials
  • Licensing IP
  • HIPAA regulations compliance
  • Strategic partnerships
  • M&A
Investment Banking
Investment bankers look for a reliable virtual data room solution that streamlines the deal process. The world of M&A is complex and simple, secure, and fast due diligence is critical. Investment bankers are frequent users of online deal rooms and typically use them for:
  • Buy-side M&A
  • Sell-side M&A
  • Capital Raising
  • Rights issues
  • Strategic partnerships
  • IPO
Legal Firms
Legal firms need to securely share confidential information with clients, staff, and other parties of interest. Virtual data rooms provide a streamlined solution that allows them to do this simply and quickly, as time is key. Legal firms use online data rooms for:
  • M&A
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Private equity and venture capital firms conduct many types of business transactions, all which require sharing data with numerous parties. These companies are dealing with many complex financial transactions and must do so securely and quickly. Private equity and venture capital use data rooms for:
  • Equity investments
  • Buy outs
  • Exits
  • Raising a fund
  • Partner communication
  • Investor communication
Compare Virtual Data Room Providers
Regardless of industry it’s important that companies seek out the type of VDR provider that best suits their unique needs, and what many find, after careful assessment, is that those needs change over time. Commonly, companies will look for providers with specific feature sets, price points, security implementations, and usability which they can test during a free trial - offered by most providers in the industry. Below are three main types of solutions that companies tend to vet when looking for a VDR- traditional deal room providers, modern virtual data room providers, and collaboration tools with a comparison of virtual data room pricing, security, usability and features.
Traditional Virtual Data Room Providers
  • Merrill Datasite
  • RR Donnelley
  • Intralinks
In general, the traditional data room category is comprised of three data room providers: Merrill Datasite, RR Donnelley, and Intralinks. These companies have a long history in the M&A space and a highlight is that their products tend to be feature-heavy and secure, specifically for M&A. Many of them allow for relatively significant data uploads and storage, but in general, these data rooms are also heavy on price. It is important to highlight that many of the traditional data rooms were initially designed with the M&A process specifically in mind, as the due diligence process for M&A has always mandated voluminous data sharing and document scrutiny. But, because this heavily influenced their creation, their pricing models tend to reflect this history- per page upload fees, fees for extra users, etc. This is the most expensive category of data room. The word on the street is that the traditional VDRs, due to the fact that they have been around so long, can be cumbersome to use.
Modern Virtual Data Rooms
  • SecureDocs Virtual Data Room
  • V-Rooms
  • Ansarada
In recent years, a number of modern virtual data rooms have popped up and there are several players in this modern virtual data room space. Three that stand out are SecureDocs, V-Rooms, and Ansarada. In contrast to the traditional solutions, modern VDRs tend to be easy to use, quick to set up, and relatively inexpensive to maintain. Prices vary greatly from provider to provider, but all things considered, this category is significantly cheaper than the traditional virtual data room category. In addition to having data room-specific features, modern VDRs prioritize data security and ease of use. VDRs may all seem the same, but they each have distinct nuances that will make one more desirable or useful than the other, depending of course, on a company’s preferences and needs.

As previously stated, modern VDRs really concentrate on data security, which means that they integrate sophisticated security measures, including advanced encryption both in transit and at rest, multi-level authentication procedures, and discrete data room access and revocation procedures. In addition to these system level designs, there are document-specific security features as well, including watermarking, disabled printing, and blind view. Although security is one of the most important facets of all VDRs (both traditional and modern), modern VDRs are distinguishable from their traditional counterparts in many other ways that are rather important. Generally speaking, modern VDRs are more cost-effective, easier to implement and support, and have more modern user interfaces.
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Collaboration Tools & File Sharing Services
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Google Docs
First things first- these solutions are not virtual data rooms. It is important to note the distinction between a deal room and another document sharing service that is usually called a collaboration tool or a file sharing service. On the surface, the two may seem like similar solutions, but their differences are very significant. Which in some ways makes it hard to include them in a true virtual data room comparison. Collaboration tools are exactly what they sound like. These tools allow users to share collaborate with others on a file or document. They will have collaboration features that most VDRs lack, but will lack some important features that VDRs have. Some notable examples of players in this space are Dropbox, Box, and Google Docs. Tons of people rely on these solutions, both personally and professionally, to collaborate with others on various kinds of projects and tasks and to share everyday files and documents.

Although these collaboration tools can be quick and cheap to set up, their primary limitation is their lack of security and secure file sharing measures as related to document control and auditing capabilities. In many cases, it is actually free to use one of these collaboration tools on a limited basis. Of course, as a company’s needs grow and more features are desired, the cost to use the service will also begin to increase. Granted, there are certainly times when a collaboration tool may be appropriate to use. However, for companies looking to share valuable, confidential, or highly sensitive data, relying on this type of solution is a mistake. These tools aren’t set up with the same level of permission settings, auditing capabilities, watermarking, and other features critical when sharing confidential business information. And while excellent tools for everyday file sharing use, they lack the professional first impression that a dedicated data room has- something that a company would not want to risk when trying to sell a company or raise funds.
Tips for Implementing a Virtual Data Room

Once a company makes the decision to invest in a VDR, it may be overwhelming deciding which solution will not break the bank and will actually provide the most bang for a buck. The days of secret pricing, hidden fees, and surprise charges are, or at least should be, long gone. A reputable, trustworthy VDR provider will clearly display its pricing scheme, data usage allowances, security standards, and other relevant features. If this precise information is not easy to discern on the provider website, it may be best to shift the search for a VDR elsewhere. There is plenty of competition in the space, but that does not mean that all VDRs will be a worthwhile investment.

Ultimately, companies really need to consider their needs, both existing and future, to ensure that they select a VDR solution that will grow with them as they grow. Of course, in addition to the initial and monthly or annual costs, rapid adoption, immediate implementation, ease of use, and ongoing technical support will undoubtedly be top priorities. One thing that companies should consider is requesting a free trial, so that they can see whether a particular solution is the right fit.

Data management and security have come a long way, especially in the last five or so years. It is now easier than ever to invest in and set up a highly secure data storage solution, with the modern VDR being the service of choice. SecureDocs has been and continues to be a pioneer in the VDR space, priding itself on transparent pricing, practical features and tools that businesses actually want and will use, and a user-friendly, intuitive interface.